Central Zone Scores Canoe Hat-trick

27 Aug 2015

The 2015 Canoe Tournament was played at Bridge Park Bowling Club over the weekend of 22nd - 23rd August. Bowlers would have been forgiven for thinking that the tournament was going to be played in wet and cold conditions. The weather on Saturday morning threatened to rain but soon after play commenced the rain threat disappeared. Players arrived on the Sunday to near perfect conditions for the main event.

With the introduction of grading in qualifying games Saturday saw very even competition between the 28 teams from the five area coaching zones. Only two teams managed to complete the day with four wins.  The team filling the eighth place for the Canoe main event had won only two games.

In the first round of the main event three of the top four qualifiers were knocked out. The final was played out by the seventh and eighth placed qualifiers. Aiden Takarua's Central Team verses Adam Allen's North West Team.

The score board did not reflect the intensity and evenness of the finalists. After two ends both teams only managed to score one shot each. The third end was killed with the eventual winners scoring a five on its replay the next five ends went Takarua's way, and the following three ends went Allen's way before Takarua took the final two ends to run out winner 17 to 6.

With Aiden Takarua's team taking out the Canoe Trophy he became the youngest skip to win the event in its history. Younger players have been members of a winning team in the past but had not skipped the team. The win also gave Central zone teams their third straight win in three years, seemingly another first in the events history.

The plate event was played out by Anthony Tofaono's team from North West and Jeremy Brosnan's team from the West. The scores in their game see-sawed to the very end with both teams having to battle for every point. On the last end Brosnan was two up on the board, but was unable to prevent Tofaono scoring a three for the win.

The consolation event again was very even with only one team managing to win all four of their games. The consolation was played over four rounds of 1hr 20mins.

Canoe Trophy

Winners: Aiden Takarua (s), Vince Pittman, Ben Hilless, Scott Jolly - Central

Runners up: Adam Allen (s), Mick Morris, Sean Mullholand, Chris Clausen - North West

Third place: Kevin Hurren (s) Gary Finnemore, Anthony Mitchinson, Alan Pearson - South East

Fourth place: Warwick Ford (s) Peter Roscoe, Derek Mckeen, Dave Aldworth - South East

Plate Event

Winners: Anthony Tofaono (s), Russell Murray, Dave Smith, Brian Murray - North West

Runners up: Jeremy Brosnan (s), Pat Morrison, Willey Lee, Liam van Rijn - West


Winners: Gerard Hulst (s), Tuaine Pereeti, Mike Barke, Tony Kermode - Central

Second: Gerard Plaisier, (s) Andrew Philson, Rob Lavender, Geoffrey Hall - North West

Third: Garry Cotter (s), Ross Fradier, Charlie Symons, John Heimgartner - “Central

Fourth: Grant Robertson (s), Prem Kumar, Jim Conroy, Ken Beasly - East

The Auckland Bowling Coaches Association and players would like to thank the coaches for giving their time and expertise over the last few weeks. Also everyone extends a huge thank you to the Executive and members of Bridge Park Bowling Club for providing hot lunches and hosting a very successful tournament.

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