SCANZ Announcement

23 Jul 2015

The Board of SCANZ has been advised that our CEO (Bob Clark) is retiring after 16 years in the role with effect from the end of March 2016. The Board has, as a result of his notice, given careful consideration to the services SCANZ has provided in the past, and is currently providing, and more importantly the need for the continued existence of SCANZ.

SCANZ was first established in 1977 when Sports clubs, with the changes to the liquor Licensing laws at that time, were given the opportunity to have a Club Liquor Licence. This culminated in more than 3000 Club Licences being issued in the late 70’s and early 80’s.The need for a representative organisation for these clubs was seen to exist, SCANZ was formed, and devoted a major part of its efforts lobbying on behalf of clubs at a time when various government and local policies were being developed which could have had an effect on the operation of many clubs. However, things have changed since that time, none more so than the development of technology whereby relevant and necessary information is now readily available to everyone.

The Board of SCANZ is now therefore considering the future of the organisation when the CEO retires in March 2016, taking into account a number of reasons, they principally being:

1/ The services provided by SCANZ are also available from other providers.

2/ The National Sporting Organisations (NSOs) and Regional Sporting Organisations (RSOs) now have the capacity to provide advice through their Development Officers, or they know where to access the information that Clubs need.

3/ Regional Sports Trust’s (RSTs) which did not exist in 1977, are now established to provide advice to clubs throughout New Zealand and they work very closely with the (RSOs) and (NSOs).

4/ The Bar Manager Training that had been developed over the years and became a major part of the SCANZ work can now be accessed from other providers.

The Board considers the function of SCANZ has changed in response to demand from its member clubs over the years, and gone from a lobbying organisation to much more a training focused organisation. With the duplication of many of the services that SCANZ now provides readily available, the Board has very reluctantly approached the conclusion that now might be the opportune time to wind up the organisation. The decision to do so however is not yet final, and the Board does wish to get feedback from the members to this proposal, and such feedback shall be influential to the final decision.

It might be noted in addition that should the decision to wind up be reached, the members can certainly expect to continue to have available the same level of service they currently have until the end of the financial year, and that members will be advised of alternative service providers that can‐and will be happy to‐ provide a similar type of service as the end of the year draws closer, if the decision to wind up is made.

The Board of SCANZ does now therefore invite feedback from you, the members, which can be sent to the following email address or contacting the CEO on the phone number below.

Send your response to or phone 0800 655 889 with your thoughts.

Kind Regards
Trevor McComish (President)

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