Real Talent Shines at the 1-5 Year Pairs Finals!

17 May 2015

First up in the Men’s 1-5 Year Pairs Semi-Finals was Jeremy Brosnan and Patrick Morrison (Glen Eden) vs Albert Ale and Charlie Symons (Onehunga & Districts).

Glen Eden was dominant throughout this Semi-final and in the 8th end managed to take a 6 this shot them to a big lead 14-5. Onehunga & Districts just couldn’t see a way back into the game. The final score was 25-9 to Glen Eden.

The second Semi-Final between Mike Adolph and Terry Adolph (Blockhouse Bay) and Colin Mitchell and Gerard Plaisier (Henderson) was slightly closer but was still won convincingly by Blockhouse Bay. Henderson held the lead until the 8th end when Blockhouse Bay decided to turn it on and took a 3 in the 9th end taking the lead 9-7. From here Henderson held the lead with some high scoring ends – a 6 in the 15th end - giving them the winning score of 24-13.

The Men’s 1-5 Year Pairs Final between Jeremy Brosnan , Patrick Morrison (Glen Eden) and Mike Adolph, Terry Adolph (Blockhouse Bay) was a goodie! Blockhouse Bay took the first 3 ends and looked to be off to a great start with 4-0 lead and were still ahead 8-3 in the 7th end then Glen Eden took off winning 5 ends in a row taking the score to 11-8 in the 12th end in Glen Eden’s favour. Blockhouse Bay managed to take the next 3 ends but couldn’t quite manage to overtake Glen Eden who won the game 15-12.

In the Women’s 1-5 Year Pairs Semi Finals the team of Alzeena Levi and Mackenzie Blucher (Te Atatu Peninsula) had a close game against Julie Kerry and Marianne Coldham (Carlton Cornwall).  Carlton Cornwall was first on the board with a 2. Te Atatu Peninsula took the next 2 ends then lost the next 3 making the score 6-2 in the 6th end to Carlton Cornwall. Kerry held the lead right up to the 15th end when Levi evened it up 11-11. Then Te Atatu Peninsula managed to nudge Carlton Cornwall out of the way to narrowly win 14-12.

The next Semi-Final was another close game between Maroi Pereeti and Sandra Taylor (Bridge Park) against Gail Clark and Antonia Victor (Pt Chevalier). Clark started the scoring with a 2 then gave away the next 2 ends to make the score 5-2 in the 3rd end. In the 5th end things were evened up 5-5. Pereeti took the next 6 ends making the score 13-5 in the 11th end. Carlton Cornwall fought back winning the next 2 ends closing the gap slightly 9-13 to Bridge Park. But Pereeti and Taylor proved too strong and won the game 21-13.

The Women’s 1-5 Year Pairs Final between Alzeena Levi, Mackenzie Blucher (Te Atatu Peninsula) and Maroi Pereeti, Sandra Taylor (Bridge Park) was a real fight right to the end! Levi started the scoring by taking the first 3 ends 3-0. In the 6th end Levi was up 6-2. Then Pereeti took the next 4 ends evening up the score in the 10th end.In the 11th end Te Atatu Peninsula won a 4 and in the 12th end they won a 5 and took the lead 15-6. Bridge Park fired up and took out the final 5 ends taking the score to 12-15 in favour of Levi. In the last end Bridge Park had an amazing end under pressure and managed to win the game by taking a 4 in the 18th end! 16-15 to Bridge Park.

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