Excellent Weekend of Bowls for the Champion of Champion Singles!

03 May 2015

Congratulations to Mike Bradshaw (Onehunga & Districts) and Paula Kempthorne (St Heliers) on winning the Men's and Women's Champion of Champion Singles. Great work! And Runners up were Garry Breckon (Auckland) and Sue Collins (Mt Wellington). All excellent games.

The 2 Semi-Finals were great games, especially the game between Mike Bradshaw (Onehunga & Districts) and Barclay Lee (St Heliers).

Mike started the scoring taking the first 4 ends. Barclay came back with a 2 and a 3 in the 7th and 8th end taking the lead 6-5. Barclay looked like he had control of the game at the 18th end when the score was 15-10 but Mike took a 3 in the 19th end and then won the next 4 ends the score being 17–15 to Mike in the23rd end. But in true Barclay style he came back to even up the score in the 26th end 18-18. Mikes answer to this was to take a 3 in the 27th end winning the game 21-18. The Semi-Final between Garry Breckon (Auckland) and Mike Galloway (Hillsboro) wasn’t quite so close. Garry took control of the game right from the start and Mike couldn’t quite manage to find his way back into the game. In the 7th end Mike won 2 to make the score 7-3 to Garry. Mike Galloway chipped away but couldn’t compete with Garry’s high scoring ends and the game ended 21-8.

The Final between Mike Bradshaw and Garry Breckon was a good watch. Mike started the scoring by winning the first 3 ends 7-0. Garry didn’t let that faze him and took ends 7, 8, 9 and 10 bringing the score to 12-9 to Garry. The scored was evened up in the 15th end 13-13 and the fight for the win was on! Mike took a 2 in the 16th end only to lose the next 2 ends so the score was still tied in the 18th end. Mike finished the game excellently winning a 2 and a 4 in the 19th and 20th ends finishing the game 21-15 in Mikes favour.

In the Women’s Champion of Champion Semi Finals we had Maroi Pereeti (Bridge Park) up against Sue Collins (Mt Wellington) and Mary O’Keefe (Blockhouse Bay) vs Paula Kempthorne (St Heliers). Maroi charged off to a great start winning the first 3 ends 6-0. Sue then came back and took the next 4 ends bringing the score to 8-6 in the 7th end. Maroi kept pace with Sue but just couldn’t get the high scoring ends that Sue was winning. The final score was 21-14 to Sue Collins.

Paula Kempthorne was in top form and won her game quite convincingly against Mary O’Keefe. Mary was first up on the score board but Paula was on her heels and took the lead from there to the finish. The final score was 21-9 to Paula Kempthorne.

The Final between Kempthorne and Collins was a much closer game and a bit of a heart thumper at times. Sue was ahead up to the 5th end when Paula evened up the game 3-3. From here Paula kept the lead right through until the 14th end when Sue fought back and evened up the game 10-10 and then took the lead, in the 18th end Collins was up by 1 13-12. Kempthorne put an end to that and came back to win the game 21-13 with 3 fantastically played ends.

Men's and Women's Champion and Champion Singles Results

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