Galloway just misses out

23 Apr 2015

Mike Galloway, Martin Dixon and Gavin Brown (Hillsboro) have been narrowly beaten in the final round of the National Club Championship Triples by Lance Pascoe (Belfast, Canterbury) 16-14.  In what was effectively a final with no other teams able to win the title the two combinations battled it out right until the last end.

It was a close game throughout with each team battling it out and gaining then losing an end.  By the end of the fifteenth end it was 13-12 to Pascoe.

The sixteenth end saw Galloway holding two shots as the skips crossed. With his first bowl Pascoe dead drew a toucher.  Galloway was heavy and slipped into the ditch. Pascoe then stepped up to the mat and drew another beautiful shot about two inches from the jack. Galloway played to split the shots and conquer the end but was just a fraction to wide and slid past about two inches from the target and into the ditch to lead 15-12.

The next end Pascoe had two shots when Galloway let go with a drive to take the jack into the ditch and his bowl remained just behind the jack. Pascoe replied with a draw to one bowl short of the ditch in line with the jack. Galloway suggested to his team that he didn’t want to be short with his last bowl and calmly went down to the mat and with a perfectly weighted bowl pushed Pascoe’s bowl into the ditch and stayed himself to pick up two shots. The score going into the last end was 15-14 to Pascoe.

In the final end Galloway was holding shot when he went to bowl. With his first bowl Pascoe came in for shot and while Galloway had a small run to remove the bowl he was narrow this time and Pascoe held for a 16-14 win without playing his last bowl.  This was a very fitting final game for a great competition.

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