Four Finalists fight for their last chance at the Women’s 1-5 Year Champion of Champion Singles Title.

20 Apr 2015

Four Finalists fight for their last chance at the Women’s 1-5 Year Champion of Champion Singles Title.

Jenny Stockford, Clare Tawharu, Sonja Bamber and Alzeena Levi are all in their final year of Juniors, so were all in fighting form for their last crack at the title!

The weather had just as big of an impact on the Women’s games being held at Hillsboro Bowls, but the Women decided to play on and finish all 3 rounds.

On the Sunday, at Onehunga Bowling Club the Women began the day with the Semi-Finals.

The first Semi Final was Jenny Stockford (Henderson) up against Clare Tawharu (Onehunga). This was a tightly matched game with the 2 player’s neck and neck right up to the end. Tawharu began the scoring winning the first 3 ends 4-0. Stockford then snuck in 2 1’s winning the next 2 ends 4-2. Tawharu then charged ahead taking the following 4 ends; this brought the score line to 8-2. Stockford kept her cool and chipped away at Tawharu eventually evening up the game in the 14th end 9-9. It looked like Clare took charge of the game again when she won the 17th end with a 3 and the 18th end with a 2 taking the score to 15-10. But Jenny managed to hang on and win 5 ends in a row making the final score 21-16 in favour of Stockford.

The Semi-Final against Alzeena Levi (Otahuhu Railway) and Sonja Bamber (Carlton Cornwall) wasn’t as evenly matched but still a good game to watch. Bamber was first on the board with a 1, but then Levi won the following 4 ends 8-1. Sonja struggled to come back from this point but still put up a solid effort. In the 12th end Sonja tool a 3 bringing the score to 7-16. Alzeena proved to be too strong for Sonja on the day and won the next 3 ends to finish the game 23-7.

The Women’s Final was a very evenly matched game and another exciting game to watch.

Alzeena Levi (Otahuhu Railway) lost the first 3 ends to Jenny Stockford (Henderson) but then Stockford went on to lose the next 4 ends to Levi. In the 7th end the score was 8-4 in favour to Levi. Alzeena looked strong and held onto her lead right through to the 22nd end when Stockford made a late run at taking the lead and came back to even up the game 18-18. Alzeena again proved too strong a won the next 3 ends finishing the game 21-18.

Women’s 1-5 Year Champion of Champion Singles Final Results

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