Talent shines through at the Finals of the 1-5 Year Men’s Champion of Champion Singles

19 Apr 2015

Even the weather couldn’t slow down the enthusiasm of the 1-5 Year Bowlers that were competing on Saturday. But the days games were stopped in the beginning of the 2nd round to be continued the following day.

Sunday was a completely different story with the sun shining and all play going as scheduled.

The games were played in great spirit and the Semi-Finals and Finals were all excellent to watch!

In the Men’s Semi Finals – Michael Savage (Pt Chevalier) started off strong against Alan Hansen (Onehunga) with a 2, 3 and a 1 in the first 3 ends then lost the next 3, bringing the score to 6-5 in the 6th end in favour of Pittman. In the 7th end Pittman took a 4 and continued winning the majority of ends from here. Unfortunately Hansen never managed to make his way back and Vince Pittman won 21-8.

The Semi-Final against Scott Lambly (East Tamaki) and Michael Savage (Pringle Park) was a cracker of a Semi, with Savage starting the scoring, winning the first 2 ends. In the 6th, 7th and 8th end Lambly took 3 2’s to take the score to 10-3 in his favour. In the 9th end Savage fought back andwon the end with a 3 and another 1 in the 10th end taking the score to 10-7 still in Lamblys favour.  Scott managed to keep his nose in front, but Savage was never too far behind. Michael won the 21st end with 3 and the 23rd end with a 2, but it wasn’t enough to secure the win. Scott Lambly ended the game with the final score of 21-16.

The Men’s Final was an excellently played game with both players giving it all right to the very end.

Vince Pittman (Pt Chevalier) was first up on the scoreboard but the Sott Lambly (East Tamaki) answered that by winning the next 3 ends bringing the score to 5-1 in the 4th end. Not happy with that Pittman won 5 ends in a row taking the score to 11-6 in the 11th end to Pittman. In the 12th end Lambly takes a 4 and in the 13th end a 2 putting Scott 1 ahead of Vince 12-11.

Lambly then drops the next to ends taking Vince into the lead in the 15th end, 14-12. Now it’s Scotts turn to win the next 3 ends now bringing the score to 17-14 in favour of Lambly.A3 from Pittman in the 19th end evens up the score 17-17.

A couple of close calls required the umpire to step in and measure. But in the end the game went to Vince Pittman who took the final 4 ends and won 21-20. Well done to both of these players!

Men's 1-5 Year Champion of Champion Singles Final Results

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