Playing Programme Meetings this Week

23 Mar 2015

Each season Auckland Bowls, initially through staff, the Operations Committee and the Board, review the playing programme in order to produce a draft version to go to the clubs and individual members for comment.

This year in drafting the programme we wanted to ensure that:

1.  Centre used as few dates as possible  to allow clubs more time for club based events

2.  The programme worked for a wide variety of bowlers not just the very elite

3.  We met our obligations and commitments to National level events

As I am sure you can appreciate this is no easy task!

Please read through the attached information:

A copy of this information has been sent to all clubs.

Once you have read through the information, we would love to hear your views at one of the following meetings or through a written submission:

Meeting Schedule

  • Blockhouse Bay Bowling Club at 10.00am on Monday 23rd March 2015.
  • Carlton Cornwall Bowling Club at 2.00pm on Monday 23rd March 2015.

  • Auckland Bowls at 6.30pm on Wednesday 25th March 2015.

  • St George Bowling Club at 10.00am on Friday 27th March 2015.


If you are unable to attend one of these meetings or you would prefer to make a written submission, please do so by email to no later than 5.00pm Friday 20th March 2015.

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