Region 5 Intercentre Teams Named

12 Mar 2015

Congratulations to the following players who have been named in the Region 5 'B' Intercentre Team to play in Nelson on the 28-29 March. 


Triples - Stu Ward (S), Gary Ashby, Matt Earp
Pairs - Paddy Stewart (S) and Liam Eathorne

Triples - Ian Barrett (S), Paul Nutsford and Bryce Young
Pairs - Cameron Bailey (S) and James Collier


Triples - Debbie Sansom (S), Viv Freeth and Tina Sweetman
Pairs - Liz Hayton (S), Lanah Craik

Triples - Donelda Scott (S), Jackie Sutton and Tania Woodham
Pairs - Diane Templeton (S) and Fiona Frew. 

Best of luck to you all. Watch this space for results! 

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