Across the Ditch Challenge

01 Dec 2014

The annual “Across the Ditch” challenge will be held next week when the Auckland Regional Development team set-off to Queensland to play their counterparts at Musgrave Hill Bowling Club.

This event began in 2010 with the aim of introducing and allowing young players to experience the conditions in Australia and New Zealand. The touring party is made up by two groups the Under 18’s and the Under 25’s.

There will be seven Test matches played; six rounds of singles, pairs, triples and one round of mixed pairs. The players depart on Monday the 8th and return on Friday 12th December.

We wish the team best of luck for the series.

The players:

Under 25 Group: Greg Ruaporo, Scott Evans, Scott Mouton, Ciaran MacElvanna, Rory Soden, Monte Pawa, Selina Goddard, Alzeena Levi, Nicole Toomey, Savanna Lauder, Katelyn Inch and Holly McIlroy.

Under 18 Group: Clayton Hockley, Jesse Russell, Jeremy Brosnan, Aiden Takarua, Liam Van Rijn, Brayden Silby, Alex Greer, Antonia Victor, Mackenzie Blucher, Ashleigh Jeffcoat, Cait Bassett and Sophie Fisher.

Coaches: Howard Sandler and Pam Coyle

Manager: Shona McKechnie

President: Peter McKechnie

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