LIVE End by End Results - The Trusts NZ Open 2013

15 Nov 2013

The Trusts Men's Singles - 2:30pm

Tony Fabling (Hillcrest) bt Neil Fisher (Howick) 21-15

2013 The Trusts Men's Singles Winner - Tony Fabling (Hillcrest)


1 - Fabling starts strong with a three, to lead Fisher 3-0.

2 - Slipping his final bowl into a crowded head, Fabling snatches a single to add to his early lead, 4-0.

3 - Fisher applies some pressure with his bowls and gets on the scoreboard with a single, 1-4 behind Fabling.

4 - One more for Fisher as Fabling drives out the second shot he was holding, 2-4 chasing Fabling.

5 - A superb draw by Fabling nets him a single against Fisher, 5-2 in the lead.

6 - Waikato bowler, Fabling, is on a roll, picking up 2 and leading Fisher 7-2.

7 - Fisher rolls astray with his final bowl and loses the 2 he was holding, Fabling takes a single and is ahead 8-2.

8 - A Fisher toucher that nudges the jack towards the opposition's bowl, a great draw by Fabline, a surgical drive by Fisher, and a final bowl from the 2011 champion that earns him a single, 3-8 behind Fabling.

9 - Fisher crowds the jack, holding 3, Fabling runs a shot that goes far off-course, and Fisher keeps the 3 to close the gap 6-8 behind Fabling.

10 - It's Fabling's turn to surround the jack, and he picks up 3 of his own to pull away to an 11-6 lead over Fisher.

11 - Fabling gets two touchers and has the jack, but a Fisher drive breaks the deadlock and gives just a single to Fabling, 12-6.

12 - Three ends in a row to Fabling as he picks up two from the head and holds a 14-6 edge over Fisher.

13 - With Fabling holding shot and Fisher with second and third, the Howick bowler unleashes a drive that does nothing more than kill the end. However, it looks like a sound strategy in light of the 2 Fisher picks up in the replayed end, 8-14 behind Fabling.

14 - Errant drive number two from Fisher puts the jack out and the finalists vie for position near the ditch.... Fisher squeezing a bowl in front of Fabling's and gets a single for his troubles, 9-14.

15 - Two more for Fisher as the 'Houdini of bowls' pulls the last 3 ends out of his hat to sit behind Fabling 11-14.

16 - Fabling responds with a single and maintains his lead, 15-11 over Fisher.

17 - Fabling runs in his bowl, ricochets off one of his own and sits next to the jack to take 1 from Fisher, 16-11 ahead.

18 - The end is killed by Fisher after Fabling takes control of the head. Both bowlers sidle up to the ditch, but Fisher's ploy pays off and he picks up a single, 12-16 behind Fabling.

19 -  Fisher misses his potentially game-saving drive and Fabling earns 4 to sit one point from the title, 20-12.

20 - Not one to be discounted before it's over, Fisher takes 3 to edge closer, 15-20 chasing Fabling.

21 - Appearing to be holding 2 and with the title in his pocket, Fabling opts to play his last bowl and make 'doubly-sure' he has won on the honours. Fabling is The Trusts Men's Singles Champion 2013, 21-15.

The Trusts Women's Singles - 11:30am

Karen de Jongh (Carlton Cornwall) bt Kirsten Griffin (Defending Champion) 21-7

2013 The Trusts Women's Singles Winner - Karen de Jongh (Carlton Cornwall)


1 - De Jongh appears warmed up after her Women's Triples final this morning and picks up 2 to start things off. 2-0 over Griffin.

2 - Griffin holding shot, but de Jongh edges her final bowl next to the jack and picks up a single, 3-0 ahead of Griffin.

3 - Griffin finds her line and uses her final bowl to full effect, taking a single to get on the scoreboard 1-3 behind de Jongh.

4 - In spite of a very loose head, de Jongh gets a single to lengthen her lead to 4-1.

5 - Griffin responds with a single, 2-4 chasing de Jongh.

6 - Getting into the swing of things, Griffin chips away with another single to approach de Jongh 3-4.

7 - One more point to Griffin makes it three ends in a row and evens the score 4-4.

8 - De Jongh and Griffin are out-drawing each other in a game of one-upmanship, but a measure nets Griffin the single and her first lead in the game, 5-4.

9 - In the race to 21, Griffin looks to be taking control of the game by winning the last 5 ends. A single puts her ahead of de Jongh 6-4, but the Carlton Cornwall bowler isn't making it easy.

10 - De Jongh holding shot, Griffin drives but misses her target and a single to de Jongh makes it 5-6 behind Griffin.

11 - Starting with a solid draw to hold shot, de Jongh is rolling wide but Griffin is too. De Jongh gets her green with the final bowl and picks up 2, 7-6 over Griffin.

12 - Griffin holding shot, but de Jongh picks it off before Griffin rolls a cracker into place that nets her a single to draw the game again 7-7.

13 - A Griffin drive that goes astray earns de Jingh 2 and the lead 9-7.

14 - Griffin avoids using her drive this time, but is off with her final bowl draw shot and drops a single. De Jongh leads 10-7.

15 - Driving out de Jongh's second shot, Griffin drops 2 to fall behind 7-12.

16 - The score is creeping up towards 21 for de Jongh as she takes a single and is ahead of Griffin 13-7.

17 - Creating a tidy buffer for herself, de Jongh takes 2 more and pulls ahead 15-7 over the Defending Champion.

18 - The umpire is called in for a tight measure that will decide between a 2 and a 3 for de Jongh.... 3 shots it is. De Jongh makes it 6 ends in a row and an 18-7 lead.

19 - Another measure and another point to de Jongh makes it 19-7 over Griffin.

20 - A final 2 wins the Women's Singles title for Karen de Jongh 21-7 over the Defending Champion Kirsten Griffin.

AeroBowls Women's Triples - 8:30am

Margaret O'Connor (s), Linley O'Callaghan, Christine Buchanan (Composite) bt Karen de Jongh (s), Bev Crowe, Diane Hazleton (Composite) 13-11

2013 AeroBowls Women's Triples Winners - Margaret O'Connor (s), Linley O'Callaghan, Christine Buchanan (Composite)


1 - A single to O'Connor gets things rolling in this final, 1-0 over de Jongh.

2 - Another single to O'Connor, 2-0 ahead of de Jongh in this 15-end final with no limits.

3 - De Jongh gets on the scoreboard with a single, 1-2 behind O'Connor.

4 - Easing into the final, de Jongh picks up another single to draw 2-2 with O'Connor.

5 - It's a singles game in the Women's Triples as O'Connor picks up a point, 3-2 ahead of de Jongh.

6 - Some great draw shots net de Jongh another point to even the score 3-3 with O'Connor.

7 - One more for de Jongh for a one-point lead over O'Connor 4-3.

8 - Making a habit of it, de Jongh takes another single to eke out a small lead, 5-3.

9 - Two picked up by O'Connor levels the score 5-5.

10 - O'Connor ups the ante and takes 3 from the head, leading de Jongh 8-5 with 5 ends to come.

11 - Continuing to pull out in front, O'Connor picks up 3 more from a very tightly formed head to close in on the title with an 11-5 lead over de Jongh.

12 - The scoring continues for O'Connor with another 2 to provide a good leading margin 13-5 ahead of de Jongh.

13 - Two for de Jongh, 7-13, as her trio gets back in the game after the last 4 ends go to O'Connor.

14 - de Jongh picks up another 2, chasing O'Connor 9-13 now with the last end all or nothing.

15 - A final effort by de Jongh just isn't enough to earn the title. De Jongh picks up 2, but the Women's Triples title goes to O'Connor's side, 13-11.

Ryman Healthcare Men's Pairs - 2:30pm

Rob Ashton (s), Barclay Lee (Composite) bt Alvin Gardiner (s), Pat Houlahan (Composite) 18-10

2013 Ryman Healthcare Men's Pairs Winners - Rob Ashton (s), Barclay Lee (Composite)


1 - Well-matched in this final, it looks like the game will be a struggle throughout as Ashton picks up a hard-won single, 1-0.

2 - Gardiner hits back and picks up 3 for an early lead, 3-1 over Ashton.

3 - Ashton finds a good reason to perform a jig as he and Lee pick up 3, 4-3 over Gardiner.

4 - The lead is changing every end in this closely-fought battle. Gardiner takes 2 from the head to recover the lead 5-4.

5 - It's a tit-for-tat game, with Ashton bouncing back with 3 for the lead again, 7-5.

6 - The end goes to a measure, and a single for Ashton, 8-5 over Gardiner.

7 - Ashton saves his duo from dropping 3 by squeezing the jack out of the head and picks one up, 9-5 to Ashton over Gardiner.

8 - Another measure and another single gained by Ashton and Lee, 10-5 ahead of Gardiner and Houlahan.

9 - Gardiner jostles the jack, but Ashton's bowl is left closer and they pick up another single, 11-5. That makes 5 ends in a row for the Ashton-Lee Composite pair.

10 - Gardiner ends the winning streak with 2, 7-11 behind Ashton.

11 - A single for Gardiner puts his side in the running again, 8-11 chasing Ashton.

12 - Closing the gap, Gardiner and Houlahan pick up 2 more, 10-11 behind.

13 - A crucial win for the Ashton pair as they get 2 off the end to lead 14-10.

14 - Ashton and Lee take 4 and the title is theirs! Final score is 18-10 over Gardiner and Houlahan.

Ryman Healthcare Women's Pairs - 11:30am

Aggie Motu (s), Kirsty Hill (Pt Chevalier) bt Val Mathews (s), Dolly Welch (Thames Coast) 20-10

2013 Ryman Healthcare Women's Pairs Winners - Aggie Motu (s), Kirsty Hill (Pt Chevalier)


1 - A quick start to the final earns Mathews 2. 2-0 ahead of Motu.

2 - With Mathews holding 2, it comes down to the Pt Chevalier skip, Aggie Motu, to turn the tide; and she does, picking up 2 herself and drawing even with Mathews, 2-2.

3 - A wide open head is anyone's, so it goes to a measure and Mathews comes away with another 2 to lead Motu 4-2.

4 - Motu puts the jack in the ditch with her final bowl, the Pt Chevalier crowd roars, and a measure earns Motu another 2 to draw even on 4-4.

5 - A stunning draw shot by Motu creeps into the head and the Pt Chevalier duo take a single, 5-4 over Mathews.

6 - Mathews takes a single and the game is drawn again, this time on 5-5.

7 - Motu runs her last shot and takes 3 to lead 8-5, earning the noisy approval of the Pt Chevalier supporters.

8 - A Mathews run shot that misses its target gives Motu and Hill 4, putting them out in front 12-5.

9 - An absurdly wide bowl by Motu ricochets of another and leaves her holding shot. Motu keeps the single and stretches the lead to 13-5 over Mathews.

10 - Holding 3, Motu misses out on making it 16 as Mathews draws closer and picks up a single, 6-13 behind Motu.

11 - Pt Chevalier lead, Kirsty Hill has settled in and is laying the groundwork for some high scoring ends. Motu continues to follow up with just the right weight, picking up 2. Pt Chevalier lead 15-6.

12 - With a Motu-controlled head to contend with, Mathews tries to force out the jack and succeeds with her final bowl to take a single. 15-7 behind Motu.

13 - Mathews draws a 'toucher' and is holding 3, Motu can't shake out the jack and Mathews is back in the game, 10-15 behind Motu.

14 - Finishing strong, Motu and Hill pick up 5 to win the Women's Pairs title 20-10.

AeroBowls Men's Triples - 8:30am

Neil Fisher (s), John Walker, Colin Rogan (Browns Bay) bt David Hood (s), Cedric Campbell, Barry Allison (Composite) 15-4

2013 AeroBowls Men's Triples Winners - Neil Fisher (s), John Walker, Colin Rogan (Browns Bay)


1 - Fisher's trio start strong with a four, thanks to some sublime draw shots. 4-0 to Fisher.

2 - Taking the shot from Hood, Fisher picks up another 2, 6-0 to the Browns Bay men.

3 - Hood's trio are on the board with a single pulled from the head, 1-6 behind Fisher.

4 - Fisher forgoes his final bowl, so as not to upset the head and secure a single. 7-1 over Hood now.

5 - 8-1 to Fisher's side as they pick up a single and extend their lead in the final.

6 - Hood shoots back with a single, 2-8 chasing Fisher.

7 - Down by 4, Skip Neil Fisher pulls one out of the bag and then throws a final 'dead draw' to ensure his team take a single. 9-2 now to the Auckland team over Hood.

8 - Playing at Two, Campbell drags the jack back, relief on his face as his bowl has some pace, and skip Hood retains the single - 3-9 behind Fisher.

9 - A hard-won single to Fisher's side brings the score to 10-3 ahead of Hood.

10 - The Browns Bay trio are chipping away at the scoreboard, picking up another single this end to lead 11-3 now with just 5 ends to go.

11 - Fisher's team pick up the pace and take 2 more, leading 13-3.

12 - The Northland side aren't going out easily, Hood takes a single to close the gap 4-13. But with just 3 ends to play, it may not be enough.

13 - Hood draws superbly to the jack, eliciting well-earned applause from the crowd, but Fisher is holding and doesn't play his final bowl to take the single, 14-4 over Hood.

14 - Final end as Fisher's triples pick up another single and Hood calls it a day, 15-4 is the final score.

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