Auckland Bowls Constitution open for consultation

05 Sep 2013

Please find available for download (below) the DRAFT Constitution of Auckland Bowls Inc.  Following recent changes made by Bowls NZ we are required to update our constitution to bring it into line with Bowls NZ.

The majority of the changes relate to the new Judicial System that Bowls NZ has introduced.  There are however a number of other minor changes made throughout the document.

Due to the high number of proposed changes the decision has been made to send this Constitution as a new document rather than to show the changes from the current document.  If you want to compare documents you will need to review them side by side to get a clear comparison of the changes. 

The current and proposed DRAFT Constitution is available below and is also available in hard copy in the Secretary’s Manual.

The Board has agreed that it is appropriate to have a period of consultation to receive feedback from any individual members or clubs on the new Constitution.

Please provide your feedback, in written form, no later than Friday 20th September 2013.  Please reference the clause number and any changes that you would like to suggest.

All feedback should be sent to:


  Or fax:  623 3552

  Or post:  Auckland Bowls, PO Box 74 077, Greenlane, Auckland 1546.

Depending on the level of feedback, we will either hold a Club Forum to discuss further, or if there is general agreement then we will call a Special General Meeting to vote through the changes. If we do not hear from your club then we will assume that you are happy with the new constitution.

Please note that at some stage in the near future your club should update its own Constitution to bring it into line with Auckland Bowls and Bowls NZ.  Template Club Constitutions are available from the Bowls NZ website.

Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me on 623 3555 or email

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