Campi Tournament won by North West Zone

20 Aug 2013

With ten weeks of Saturday morning coaching completed around Auckland zones, the hotly contested competition amongst the ladies is The Campi Trophy.

A field of 24 teams of triples arrived early at the Epsom Bowling Club on Saturday 17th August, to contest the two day event. The coaching zones were from West, North West,Central, East & South East.

The competition, camaraderie and level of bowls were great to see, and there were a large number of ‘younger’ ladies playing the sport.

Although Saturday was a tad windy, we were very lucky that the scheduled rain didn’t arrive at Epsom until we were about to commence our fourth game. At the end of Day 1, the leaders with all 4 games won - North West had 1st & 2nd place& West was 3rd. There were then five 3 winners, Central 4th, 5th & 6th, West 7th and North West 8thchasing the leading teams.

Sunday was a lovely sunny winter’s day; Central and Eastern Zones were hoping the North Western motorway would be blocked, but all the players arrived and were enthusiastic to continue their battles.

Five of the top seven teams started the day with a win in round 5, and six of the top seven teams were successful in round 6.  Round 7 saw some extremely close games, and coaches with the leading teams were seen biting their nails and pacing back and forth. The final round was played out, with the North West combination leaders Robyn Reihana playing Central’s Maroi Pereti. This was the game that could alter the top positions, but North West took the game out showing superb team bowling skills.

Although the Campi Trophy goes to an individual team, the enthusiasm & encouragement from the zone players was enormous. Thanks must go to the coaches and helpers from each zone who were involved in `up skilling’ their junior bowlers.

This season saw a large influx of new bowlers into the winter coaching programme and the improvement of these newer players throughout the Campi event was noticeable to all. Special thanks must go to the Composite team who played to stop a bye over the weekend.

Thank you to Epsom Bowling Club for the use of their facilities. The tournament was enjoyed by everyone who played and the coaches and spectators who supported the event.  

The overall results were –

1st North West -   8 wins +87 Robyn Reihana (S), Alzeena Levi (2), Marion Hakaria (L)

2nd North West -  8 wins + 68  Sian Jones (S), Lyn Harron (2), Mackenzie Blucher (L)

3rd  Central  -       7 wins + 69  Helen Blick (S), Claire Tauwharu (2), Gale Ngatai (L)

4th  West  -          6 wins +41  Mary O’Keefe (S), Sonya McGregor (2), Robyn Potts (L)

5th   West  -         6 wins +37  Judy Raill (S), Jan Wolfenden (2), Sharon Stewart (L)

6th  Central  -       6 wins +35  Maroi Pereti (S), Sonya Bamber (2), Pam Chapman (L)

Sheryl Johnson

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