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Auckland Region Bowls Facilities Strategy

06 Aug 2013

The Auckland Region Bowls Facilities Strategy was released in May 2013 with all clubs sent a hard copy.  It is also available for download below.

This document has been prepared for Bowls NZ and will form an integral component in the future of bowls and bowling clubs within the greater Auckland region of Counties Manukau, Auckland and North Harbour.

The Auckland report is mirrored in the National Facilities Report "Bowls NZ 2020" written by Dr Dennis Mowbray. The National report is available on the Sport NZ website - click here.

We invite bowling club executives and club members throughout the region to take the opportunity to read the report and understand the future strategy, so that our community will be well informed as we move forward and work towards implementation of the strategy.

Over the coming months the Project Team and Reference Group, which have been formed to manage the project, will be convening meetings with clubs throughout Auckland to begin the implementation phase.

Please be aware that the 2020 partnerships section highlighted in the report between pages 19 -27 are only examples of how a partnership or amalgamation could be formed using the statistical matrix and not fully endorsed recommendations by either the author or the regional and national bodies. These partnerships will be discussed and formed with clubs as the project moves forward.

The document does highlight a need for change within the sport and asks as many questions as it answers, but it does spell out a need for advocacy and support from the whole bowls community.

As council and local boards seek more and more space for other sports and recreational activities, we as a bowls community must protect and grow strong sustainable bowling facilities. This will mean change with some short term pain but certainly long term gains for the sport.

As you read this document please try to think for the future and betterment of the sport and what bowls may look like in 2020 and beyond.

For further information please contact:

Martin Mackenzie
Project Coordinator
Auckland Region Bowls Facilities Strategy
email: martin@aucklandbowls.co.nz
Ph:     09 623 3555     Mob:   021 966 016


Auckland Region Bowls Facilities Plan

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