Blue Waters Community Trust

11 Feb 2017

Blue Waters Community Trust was formed in April 2005. It is the primary aim of the Trust to provide a secure income stream for the development of the sport and in particular clubs and associations affiliated to Auckland Bowls.

Should you have questions or would like assistance in putting your application together please contact Phil Vyver at Auckland Bowls Inc. on 623 3555 or email

Application Checklist

Please make sure you have:

  • Completed all sections of the application form
  • Attached at least 2 quotes
  • Clearly stated the reasons you require the funding and the benefits to your club
  • Included minutes or resolution to apply for funds
  • Attached bank deposit slip or include bank account details

Sample Resolution :

It was resolved that a request be made to the Blue Waters Community Trust for funding towards the cost of...

I certify that the above is a true and correct copy of the resolution of the Executive Committee of the... Bowling Club dated...

Signed... Name of Secretary... Date...

Please click here for more information and to download an application form.

Closing Date to receive applications is the 10th of each month.

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