17 Jul 2017

The ability to generate income through funding remains very important to Bowling Clubs. Not only can this form of revenue help to cover costs in a number of areas, it acts to free up other funds that can then be spent on items that cannot be paid for through funding.

Clubs that have a well thought out and planned funding strategy will benefit most from funding agencies. You cannot apply for funding after you have spent the money (retrospectively), so advance planning becomes even more vital if you are to be successful with funding applications.

In Auckland there are over 20 different gaming machine charities that clubs can apply to for assistance. Each has slightly different criteria that need to be met, but nearly all are accessible to Bowling Clubs. There is no reason why your club cannot be successful in receiving funds from the majority of these charities.

For a full list of funding agencies please contact Auckland Bowls or visit the Department of Internal Affairs website.

However, please make sure you read the notes below first.

What you need to do

Check closing dates and allow plenty of time

Find out whether there is an application form

Ensure you meet the criteria as listed on the application form (if you are not sure then contact the organisation directly)

If you have an application form

  • read the form and any instruction sheets
  • if you do not understand, ring the Funding Organisation
  • make sure you fully complete the form, giving all information requested

If there is no application form

  • provide 1 page budget
  • provide 1 page project description
  • provide references
  • provide research summary

The Golden Rules

  • Always provide clear, current and organised finances
  • Follow the instructions and provide what is requested
  • Show what support your project has in the community
  • Make your application look professional (type your application)
  • Keep a copy of your application
  • Complete all questions
  • Attach all requested documents
  • Publicly acknowledge grant

Suggested application format

Try to use no more than three pages if you can:


  • Who are you?
  • Your membership, staff and volunteer numbers
  • What do you do and with whom?
  • Who benefits?

The Project

  • Outline
  • How will funding assist?
  • What are you trying to achieve?
  • How will you implement your project?
  • Attach any other relevant information


  • List the cost of all items of expenditure and any contribution the club will be making (include cost of voluntary labour if used).

Supplementary Information

  • Include relevant press cuttings
  • Include references and letters of support


All funding agencies will require you to send in receipts relating to the funding you were given. You must be able to show that the money was spent on what you applied for.

But remember funding is given as a gift exclusive of GST. Therefore if you are granted $2000 you will need to spend $2000 + GST (or more).

Submit this information without being reminded. Once the money has been spent it is good practice to send a covering letter thanking the funding organisation for their support and attach the relevant receipts. If you are professional in the way you deal with funding organisations you will be more likely to receive funding again.

More fundraising options

As well as seeking grants from government departments and philanthropic or statutory trusts, community groups are increasingly obtaining income from other sources, such as:

  • Fundraising (street appeals, confectionery etc). Some organisations use professional fundraisers to help with this.
  • Sponsorship
  • Government contracts
  • Local government contracts

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11 Feb 2017

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