10 Steps to Success

Is your club successful?

17 Jul 2017

All successful clubs regardless of the sport will share common characteristics. Some of these are:

1. Sound planning in the short, medium and long term

  • Gives direction to a successful clubs operation

2. Understand the clubs strengths and weaknesses

  • Action plan is in place to improve strengths and eliminate weaknesses.

3. Designated marketing committee

  • This committee will drive the promotional activities and membership recruitment / retention of your club
  • Marketing plan in place

4. The club knows its local community

  • Knows where and how to target members
  • Has key contacts in council and funding agencies
  • Understand the demographic make up of the surrounding area

5. Local community knows the club

  • People know of and can locate your club
  • Club news regularly appears in the local newspaper
  • Club promotional material is available in the community at shops, libraries etc
  • Local council is supportive of the club

6. Effective communication with club members

  • Club members know what is going on at the club at all times and they feel like a major contributor to the club

7. Club members recruit by word of mouth

  • Word of mouth is the best promotional tool but this only works if the members are happy!
  • Club runs incentive schemes for members who recruit new members or invite a friend evenings etc.

8. Team of active volunteers

  • A successful club has a large number of volunteers who are happy in their role spreading the volunteer load.

9. Something for everyone

  • Bowls and social calendars meet the needs of almost anyone. Something different for collegiate, juniors, mature age, families, businesses, people with a disability, weekday bowlers, weekend bowlers, social members etc

10. Welcoming attitude

  • Club members are positive and welcoming to new members
  • Buddy system / welcoming committee (mentor system)

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