14 Aug 2014



2017/2018 SEASON

1.   Introduction

1.1  Application: This Code applies to:

a.   all Members of Bowls Canterbury; and

b.  all other persons who acknowledged in writing that they are bound by this Code,

(Collectively referred to as “players”).

1.2   Purpose: The purpose of this Code is to ensure that all players competing for Bowls Canterbury or competing in a Centre Event are aware of the standard of conduct expected of them and the consequences of breaching that standard.

1.3   Commencement: This Code shall commence on the date it is signed.

2.  Definitions:

2.1   For purpose of this Code:

a.   “Laws of the Sport” means the laws for playing the Game of Bowls (including all domestic Regulations and the Conditions of Play) as specified by World Bowls.

b.   “An Event” means a bowls event held at a Club or Centre venue and administered under the auspices of:

i. Bowls NZ; or

ii. Bowls Canterbury Centre; or

  iii. any other Centre.

An Event shall be deemed to start at the commencement of the official opening, managers’ meeting or pre-event briefing immediately preceding the event (whichever is the earlier) and shall end at the conclusion of the official closing or prize giving or official function for the event (whichever is the latest).

c.   “Event Officials” means any representative of Bowls NZ or Bowls Canterbury or any other Centre at an Event and includes all volunteers, officers of Bowls Canterbury, members and staff of any Club at which the Event is being held.

All other defined terms have the same meaning as defined in the Bowls NZ Constitution.

3.  Players’ Obligations at all times:

3.1  Sportsmanship: Players must conduct themselves in a proper manner, including maintaining a high standard of personal conduct, so as not to bring themselves, Bowls NZ, Bowls Canterbury, any other Centre or the Game of Bowls into disrepute. This will necessarily include:

a.  Best efforts: always playing to the best of their ability and to perform as part of a team (if required).

b.  Respect: maintaining an attitude of respect and politeness towards their opponents and Event Officials.

c.   Integrity: refraining from any conduct which might reflect on the integrity of an Event, Bowls NZ, Bowls Canterbury, any other Centre or the Game of Bowls generally.

d.   Discrimination: refraining from any discriminatory practices (or making any discriminatory statements) based on age, sex, race, religion, ethnic background or special ability/disability bowlers.

3.2   Laws: Players must accept any ruling given by an Event Official during an Event (subject to any right of appeal given by the Laws of the Sport) and strictly comply with:

a. the Bowls NZ Regulations (including, but not limited to, the Bowls NZ Anti-Doping Regulation and Judicial Regulation as amended from time to time); and

b. the Laws of the Sport.

3.3   Media: Players are entitled to make public comment or communicate with the media (including web-based social media e.g. Facebook, Twitter) in relation to their personal performance in an Event provided that players do not make or endorse any public statement that has or may have a negative effect on the interests of other players/opponents in an Event, Bowls NZ, Bowls Canterbury, any other Centre or the Game of Bowls.

3.4  Gambling: Players must not bet, accept, give, or in any way be involved in any inducement or bribe in relation to their own sporting performance, or to be involved directly or indirectly in the organisation of bets on the Game of Bowls generally.

4.   Players’ Obligations during an Event:

4.1   Late Withdrawal: Once the draw for an Event has been published players may only withdraw from the Event by providing Event Officials with evidence of a bona fide injury, illness, bereavement or other exceptional circumstance.

4.2   Best efforts: A player must use his/her best efforts to complete a game and must not default unless he/she is reasonably unable to do so.

4.3   Late Arrival: A player must not arrive late for a game, resulting in the default of the game, without providing Event Officials with evidence of an exceptional circumstance that prevented the player’s attendance.

4.4   Default:  A player must not default or withdraw from an Event in order to allow the player to compete in another Event that is to occur on the same day.

4.5   Playing after withdrawal: A player must not compete in another Event after declaring themselves unavailable to compete in a Bowls Canterbury Event.

4.6   Obscenities: Players must refrain from directing any words, signs or gestures towards opponents or Event Officials that are understood in any language to have an obscene or offensive meaning.

4.7   Dress:  Players must present themselves for play in suitable sports clothing and must comply with all reasonable directions of Event Officials regarding dress standards while competing in Events.

5.  Players must on all occasions:

5.1   refrain from any behaviour or misconduct (as defined in Clause 23.2 of Bowls NZ  Constitution) which might reflect unfavourably on the Game, Bowls Canterbury, or the team or its management or bring any other player, official or Bowls NZ into disrepute.

5.2  abide by and comply with all directions of the Team Manager and Bowls Canterbury.

5.3   accept and act upon any judgment or decision of the Team Manager or any other duly appointed official of Bowls Canterbury as to any behaviour.

5.4  abide by the requirements of Bowls Canterbury and the Team Manager as to dress including sponsors’ logos.

5.5   accept that the Bowls Canterbury representative uniform is for strictly personal use and no part is to be given away to or worn by any other person who is not entitled to wear it as a selected representative of Bowls Canterbury.  The uniforms must be returned to Bowls Canterbury Headquarters, 28a Makora Street, Christchurch after each event, clean and laundered.

5.6  respect the Officers and appointed officials of Bowls New Zealand and Bowls Canterbury.

6.   Breach of Code

6.1   Subject to any applicable disciplinary process or right of appeal given under the Laws of the Sport, any breach of this Code shall be determined in accordance with the Bowls Canterbury Constitution and Judicial Regulation (as amended from time to time).

6.2  If the Team Manager, having heard any explanation that the player concerned may proffer, is satisfied that the player is in serious breach of this Code of Conduct the Team Manager may withdraw that player from the representative team and may require him/her to return home at the player’s own expense.

6.3  Any player who is dissatisfied by any action of the Team Manager in relation to this Code of Conduct may request Bowls Canterbury to inquire into the conduct in question of the player and the consequent action of the Team Manager and take such action under its constitution and/or judicial regulations as it sees fit.

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